How You Can Help

Swanscombe marshes are a wonderful place and we want to see them preserved for the future enjoyment and prosperity of wildlife and people in North Kent and beyond. Here’s how you can help:

1: Sign our petition calling for the Planning Application to be rejected in summer/autumn 2015!

2. Tell all your friends and tweet your support using #SaveSwanscombe

3: Write to your local councillors and MPs, they work for you and it’s their job to listen! If you don’t know who yours is check this website – it’s really easy.

The MP for Dartford is Gareth Johnson.

4. we want to share as many stories, photographs and information about the marshes as possible. We would gratefully receive any of the following to publish here:

  • Photographs of the site and local area relating to its diverse and fascinating natural history
  • Personal experiences, encounters or memories of the landscape or wildlife
  • Wildlife sightings
  • Information relating to the site’s past

5. The marshes are a great place to explore, why not visit and tell us about it?


All submissions will be treated per individual wishes.


9 thoughts on “How You Can Help

  1. Well done! every little helps and I just wish there were more people as dedicated as you are to helping the animal kingdom


  2. Good luck with your campaign, brownfield sites are just as important as greenfield sites had a walk around five other birders interesting area and a good number of species, a large reedbed that could be suitable for Bitterns.

    With the rare distinguished jumping spiders (Sitticus distinguendus) putting a halt at the moment to the development only other site for this species is across the river at Thurrock Marshes which Buglife & Essex Wildlife Trust got involved because it is a Biodiversity Action Plan Priority species. Hopefully this will stop the inappropriate development.
    Bird species recorded from Kent Ornithological Society website

    Biodiversity Action Plan Bird Species list seen.
    Skylark, Scaup, Stone Curlew, Cuckoo, Reed Bunting, Herring Gull, Black tailed Godwit, Song Thrush, Lapwing.


  3. Wish humans would value the natural world that we depend on instead of smothering it in concrete and killing all the wildlife. Kids don’t need another tacky, expensive theme park. Nature is a beautiful, exciting reality that you don’t have to queue up for…


  4. They’ll probably plan to include some sort of virtual reality, digitally-enhanced wildlife habitat in the theme park complex, for ‘entertainment’….. unless they’re stopped from destroying the real thing.


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