Photographs from Swanscombe marshes, 2013, 2014 and 2015. These images are free to share for supportive promotional purposes.

A glorious, buzzing haven in spring and summer, a place of tranquil sunsets in winter.


A profusion of wildflowers and grasses across the site in summer

Common Whitethroat, a long distance migrant from Africa, breeds across Swanscombe marshes each year


Visitors enjoying views over the relict wet grasslands of Botany Marsh


From beneath areas of rocky ground near Broadness Point bramble and wild marjoram burst into life in late summer


Common Blue butterflies gathered on meadow vetchling along the river embankment


Common darters mating on the banks of the stagnant pool, a wonderful place to watch insects in summer


A stunning Emperor dragonfly ovipositing in one of the many ditches on the site, a perfect habitat for it


Stunning golden Coltsfoot emerging along path edges in March


House Martins over Ingress Park, July 2014. For hawkers of airborne insects like these, the marshes provide food to sustain them on their long migrations


A winter sunset over the River Thames and Swanscombe Marshes, February 2015


A beautiful Red Fox finds a sunny spot to enjoy, March 2015


Visitors watching the wildlife of Black Duck Marsh, March 2015

Looking west from Swanscombe creek

Looking west from Swanscombe creek, October 2015

The rough grassland and scrub of Broadness Marsh

The rough grassland and scrub of Broadness Marsh, October 2015

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